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  PERSONA!! PERSONA!!! call out your PERSONA!!! Nothing compares to the sensation of DEATH. To BE or not to BE KILLED tis a matter of EXPECTATION... My only REGRET is that DEATH is a ONCE in a LIFE time experience. I've spoken to GOD yesterday. The great one told me to "!!!aKKuFahtoM flesruoY LLiK" was that an archaic language,or was GOD speaking in code?

Matsuken model is from the prequel movie adaption of SEGA's Ryu ga Gotoku (Ryu Ga Gotoku= Be Like A Dragon. The game has been renamed to Yakuza in the United States.).<


Matsuken's Total war.  
Under constructioN

This is the Japanese government Diet building.
The two individuals are suppose to represent Shinya Akiba & Matsuken.

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