Master, we are in a tight spot. I mean tighter than tight. It ain't even funny how tight it is!

Control the personae of an Assassin The medium Got blood

The Cleaner


Control the personae of an Assassin


Action: Digital pad
Move: A
180 Turn: B
Junction select: A & Left analog
Scan: L
Aim weapon: R
Target toggle: Digital pad while aiming
Select target: B while aiming
Special skill/Charge Lvl.: Y
Counterattack: X the moment the enemy flashes
Menu: Start
Map: X
Reload: C stick
Down attack: R+A
Attack stance: R

Playstation 2

Action: Digital pad
180 Turn: Triangle
Junction select: Digital pad/Left analog Left/Right
Scan: R1+L1
Aim weapon: R1
Target toggle: Digital pad while aiming
Select target: X while aiming
Special skill/Charge Lvl.: Square
Counterattack: R1+Circle the moment the enemy flashes
Menu: Start
Map: Circle
Reload: Right analog stick
Down attack: R+X
Attack stance: R1

NOTE: Hold down the movement button while moving, and when
you come to a junction just move the analog in the direction you wish to go.
-Img provided by Kurt Kalata of Hardcore Gaming 101-

The medium

The Killer 7 rarely if ever, appear at the same place at the same time.
Garcian the de facto leader of the Killer 7 uses the T.V. monitor as a medium to channel energy needed to switch from one of Harman's personas.
The T.V. is also needed to awaken a dormant persona from their slumber.
Note: You must kill the required amount of Heaven Smile before you are allowed to awaken a Smith.
He can also convert thick blood that he has collected into a serum.
Serum is used to enhance the abilities of the Killer 7.
The amount of serum that can be produced is limited in each stage.
It should be noted that the serum can only be used while in the proximity of the T.V. monitor of Harman's Room.

Samantha Smith should be waiting to serve you if you so ever desire her services.
(No I'm not implying anything kinky...even though she's in a maids outfit. -cosporn-)
Samantha will only save your game for you when adorned in her maid's uniform.
Iwazaru is also in the back of the room, ready to serve you 24/7 with all sorts of information.
Every once in a while a surveillance camera well cause you to shift form.
Sometimes as a required Smith, but mostly to revert you back to Garcian.
In a few rare occurrences the security cameras will force you to control Harman Smith.
As such you better pay attention, because Harman's appearance means
Some nasty shit is 'bout to go down.

Got blood
-Img provided by Kurt Kalata of Hardcore Gaming 101-

"Hey where's the blood?"
Love is overrated, and who needs cream filling?
Remember in the world of Killer 7 "all you need is blood."
Blood can be attained, by either shooting limbs off, decapitating or achieving a critical hit on a Heaven Smile.
The more thick blood that you collect, the more serum you are able to develop.
Serum is important if you want your Smith's to be in top physical condition to battle the Heaven Smile terrorist.
As they are used to enhance the Smith's combat prowess.

You are eligible to create serum at Harman's room, for every 40 units of blood that you collect.
Or as an added incentive you automatically acquire blood vials for every 40 units of blood that have been collected as bounty.
Blood vials are used to fuel the Killer 7's special abilities, such as Kaede's blood rain, Coyote's super jump, Kevin's invisibility, etc.
Blood vials are also useful for one other purpose.
Remember when you're mom told you that milk does a body good?
Well she was wrong, and you should never listen to her ever again.
It's all in the blood, blood is good for you.
When you feel that you're moment on this mortal coil is about up...
Never fear, drinking a vial of blo
od will rejuvenate your health.

The Cleaner

No matter what you're capable of.
You're bound to make mistakes. Some of which may cost you your life.
The Killer 7 are no exception to this law of man/woman.
Should a Smith ever give up the ghost, a paper bag with the pulsating head of the fallen Smith will appear on the ground of the location of their death.
You will then be returned to the T.V. monitor of the last Harman's room that you have entered.
You can choose one of the remaining Personas,
or "The Cleaner" Garcian Smith if you wish to reanimate a Smith stricken with death.

As Garcian you have to retrieve the brown paper bag containing the befallen Smith's head.
Only Garcian has the ability to resurrect the fallen Smiths.
Just head to the area, and he will place it in his case as if it were a paper bag containing his lunch that he had forgotten to pack.
Once the head is retrieved you will be brought back to the T.V. monitor of the last Harman's room that you have entered.
To resuscitate life into the dead Smith, you must repeatedly tap the action button until life has been breathed back into the Smith.

-Img provided by Kurt Kalata of Hardcore Gaming 101-

Note: In Killer 8 mode the revival of Mark De Smith & the Secret character can be problematic without the aid of a turbo control, since the two have the most vitality.
As it's harder to revive fallen persona's due to the fact that it requires more button taps.

Beware if you are decimated as Garcian Smith you will die.
With Garcian out of the picture, there will be nobody left to retrieve your body.
Congrats, pat yourself on the back you have won yourself an intimate date with the game over screen.


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