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Iwazaru Travis Christopher Mills Yoon Hyun Suzie Gatekeeper Samantha Smith

Mr. Fukushima Julia Kisugi Hiro Kasai Kurahashi & Akiba
Jean Depaul Andrei Ulmeyda Curtis Blackburn Ayame Blackburn
Pedro Montanna Trevor Pearlharbor Love Linda Vermilion Benjamin Keane "Greg Nightmare" "Matsuken"
Kun Lan Harman Smith


Quick fact: Dogs do not lay eggs.


The leader of genius must have the ability to make different opponents appear as if they belonged to one category.
Adolf Hitler




His real name is Wenzel Diel Boris the VIIth,Iwazarskof or Iwazaru for short.
He has sworn allegiance to Master Harman.
Iwazaru is also Harman's most trusted compatriot.
He will do all within is own ability to relay information to the Killer 7.
Iwazaru is an infamous narcissist, and sports a bondage S&M outfit.
Has an ex wife who also dons S&M gear, named Mizaru,who happens to serve the barefoot,Kaede Smith.
Kikazaru is one of his close friends.
In nihongo Iwazaru,Mizaru,& Kikazaru mean speak no evil, see no evil, hear no evil.




Harman's first target.
Travis seems deeply obsessed with the master Harman.
He means no harm to Harman, and always seems to show up wherever Harman goes.
Sometimes to speak ill of the master,
and sometimes to offer advice.
It's as if he always knows where
master Harman is.


Christopher Mills


The only informant able to contact Killer 7.
He mostly contacts Garcian by telephone through his code
"Hello Mr. Smith. The election is drawing near have you decided on your vote?
If you haven't please let the republic party make the most of your precious vote.
Thank you & have a nice day."
Meetings between the Killer 7 & Mills usually take place on freeway overpasses.
He loves cars, and is a bit of a joker.
Addresses Garcian as "Garci."


Yoon Hyun


In his own words, Yoon is the mask, the only true mask.
Owner of the Union Hotel group.
An informant who relays Intel to you, in exchange for blood.
When you shoot his mask, Yoon's alter ego appears.
This alter ego refers to you as the loser, and never has anything nice to say about you.




Sinner,the keeper of the Vinculum gate
Guide to the other world.
He grants passage if you present to him the soul shells.


Samantha Smith/Sitbon


The caretaker of Harman Smith.
Samantha is a docile submissive maid who does what she is told.
However when the time comes the persona of Samantha Sitbon dissipates to Samantha Smith the struggling college student.
This manifestation of Samantha is the polar opposite of the maid Samantha.
Whereas Samantha Smith was a rather obedient young woman,
The trailer trash Samantha is foul mouthed, abusive & vulgar.
Who occupies much of her time abusing the paraplegic Harman Smith,& pleasuring herself.
Garcian Smith pays her to watch over the old man.


Susie Sumner


A head without a body, who loves to engage in monologues that casually start off speaking about the weather, but the conversations soon turn into a comically violent recollection of her past
She's a loose cannon who's a threat to whomever maybe around her.
She also can't stand her birth given name, Susie
Loses her head a lot, both figuratively & literally.

A vicious killer, with a lot of mental problems.
She once jumped off a 2 story building, because she wanted to skip school on a rainy day.
Her mother wouldn't allow such a privilege so Susie jumped off the building with her mother, and landed right on top of her.
What Susie did next to the mangled body of her mother, is best left to the imagination.
The imagination of a killer!!!
She helps the Smiths out by giving them rings needed to complete their various task.


Toru Fukushima


Owner of Restaurant Fukushima. The middleman between the Japanese U.N. Representatives, and the U.S. government.
Seeks to barter his ace in the hole the "Yakumo" document in exchange for some fireworks.
(The impact of explosion made from the missiles of a self defense system that collides with incoming nuclear missiles.)

Japan has to make a move fast or they will be obliterated by the "Eastern Threat"
Isolated & alienated from its neighbors, the U.S. is Japan's last hope of survival,
but is the United States willing to support an ally that's outlived it's usefulness?
Has a sexy ol (office lady) named Julia Kisugi, or at least that's what she appears to be on the surface.


Julia Kisugi


An undercover agent sent by Japan's Liberal party.
She is to infiltrate Fukushima's restaurant, and retrieve the Yakumo policy.
A woman employed from Japan's criminal underworld.
Weary of living life as an assassin,
since the old life she once knew is now just a commodity of political war & profit.


Hiro Kasai


A member of Japan's Liberal Party.
The Liberal party seeks the downfall of Japan's United Nations Party.
Leaving room for the Liberals to take control of Japan.
He informs you of the spy Jean Depaul,
and also divulges the location of where the secret conference of U.S. & Japan's U.N. members will be held at.


Shinya Akiba & Hiroyasu Kurahashi


Members of Japan's U.N. party.
For 65 years they gave everything they had to restoring Japan.
Only to be shamed by the same country (U.S.A.) that first put Japan in it's current predicament.
Akiba & Kurahasi both place the blame on Kenjiro Matsuoka for North America's lack of cooperation to unleash the "fireworks".
Kurahashi coerced Matsuoka to shoot them if that's what Matsuoka truly wanted.
After enduring many insults from the old men, Matsuoka on a whim popped both they're heads off with the gun that Kurahashi handed him.
Akiba addresses Kurahasi as "partner".


Jean Depaul


A suave hitman who happens to be a spy
for the International Ethics Committee.
His assignment is to sabotage the final talks between the U.S. and Japan. The International Ethics Committee hopes to delay
the sinking of Japan.

As a kid, Depaul idolized wrestlers, specifically the Lucha Libre style.


Andrei Ulmeyda
-Img provided by Kurt Kalata of Hardcore Gaming 101-

Mr. Ulmeyda is the man with the plan,
and he's talking about guys that beat off four times a day!
A rather charismatic individual with a big afro.
Appears to be a Brazilian.
Ulmeyda was once a lowly postal worker.
He took over a big corporation called "The First Life"
Although "The First Life" isn't exactly a corporation in the traditional sense.

Ulmeyda infected himself with many deadly viruses.
He overcame all of them discovering vaccines & creating medicine along the way.
The only virus he could not find a cure for is the "Heaven Smile".
Claims it's like flirting with fucking death itself.
The U.S. government seeks to hold Ulmeyda under captivity so they can conduct research on him.
Since Ulmeyda himself (The blood of Ulmeyda) is pretty much a living vaccine.
(Only when his blood is consumed by his own members of "The First Life.")


Curtis Blackburn


AKA the Surger.
On the surface he's a black market organ trader,
He lives with all female orphans, and it's sanctioned by the government
Curtis gunned down a prostitute & casually assaulted an immigration office, because Pedro Montana broke an agreement to only take the boys, while Curtis keeps the monopoly on girl organs.
A vicious & sadistic man,though Harman Smith views him as "Just a punk with a gun. Dan is more than he can handle."
He had a mutual relationship with Dan, until Curtis had him punished for a so called "betrayal."
Curtis is a pedophile.
Who keeps nude bodies of organ less women in his mansion.


Ayame Blackburn


Claims to be "The Chairman of the Educational Guidance Council" (I'm not sure whether to take her seriously or not.)
Machinegun girl with a crazy costume.
She was trained by Curtis Blackburn.
Ayame's nearly unstoppable as if she were one of those atrocious "gunslinger girls."
Possesses agility as fast as the flash of light, and never has the need to reload her firearm.


Pedro Montanna


The middleman who controls all organ trade routes.
He siphoned capital to a foreign syndicate, but
tried to skim a little off the top.
Members of the Seattle Self Defense Force signed a pact of brotherhood in blood.
Traitors are punishable by death.
The Hellion was framed by Pedro.
Pedro assigned Dan to launder the dirty money, and had Curtis Blackburn eliminate Dan.

Or so the story goes.


Trevor Pearlharbor


Created a comic "The Handsome Man" published by ZTT comics.
The stories seem to crossover with the real world.
Telling stories of world events before they even occur.
It's as if these comics were written by a prophet.
Electro & Line Inc. tried to obtain all the rights to "The Handsome man."


Love Wilcox
-Img provided by Kurt Kalata of Hardcore Gaming 101-

A cute girl, who happens to be the writer of "The Handsome Man" comic.
An avid gamer. Her world of games & the real world coexist as one.
She works for Electro & Line inc.,& creates propaganda using media.
Addresses Garcian as "Mr. Killer Garcian"
With Trevor out of the picture, Love now has full control of the Handsome Man.
Has a grudge to settle with Electro & Line Inc. for what they did to Trevor, but in HER BOOK though. Make sure you read it.
She is somewhat of a celebrity amongst online gamers & hackers
in the one & only remaining computer network.
She plays the online game "Killer 7" as the sexy curves Handsome Pink.


Linda Vermilion
-Img provided by Kurt Kalata of Hardcore Gaming 101-

Protector of the "country."
Beautiful, sexy & mysterious,
She was hired to kill a friend of yours.
Seems a bit disgusted at Christopher Mills for blindly kissing up to the "government."
Claims that it's an assassins job to make a move for the interest of the "country."
What country Vermilion is employed for is up for debate.


Benjamin Keane


Holds the forbidden secret on how to hit on women with 100% success. (Not really.)
Due to an "unfortunate accident" that has befallen Greg Nightmare,
Benji is now the current principal of Coburn Elementary,
an institute that secretly trains assassins for the Japanese government.
The only time he ever feels alive is when he puts his life on the line.
Challenged Garcian to a game of Russian Roulette.




Kenjiro Matsuoka AKA "Matsuken", his nick name.
The Director of the Central Management Office.
After the debacle at Restaurant Fukushima,& the Kaku building.
Matsuken became the only remaining power of the Japanese U.N. Party.

Matsuken is the sole reason that the U.S. has not destroyed Japan yet.
Leader of 10 million secret Japanese members that are scattered across the world.
He is a major force.
If the secret Japanese members gathered in one state, and organized their votes as one large block vote.
They can influence the vote into their (Japan's) favor.


Kun Lan



Harman Smith




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