PERSONA!! PERSONA!!! call out your PERSONA!!! Nothing compares to the sensation of DEATH. To BE or not to BE KILLED tis a matter of EXPECTATION... My only REGRET is that DEATH is a ONCE in a LIFE time experience. I've spoken to GOD yesterday. The great one told me to "!!!aKKuFahtoM flesruoY LLiK" was that an archaic language,or was GOD speaking in code?

Disgruntled Korean man feasts on the Japanese flag. A dramatic political statement to say the least, but not very effective.

WARNING: The political views, content, images and quoted language may be quite offensive for some readers.




Disclaimer: The following is written from my point of view, on why & how the status quo of East Asia became to be a powder keg ready to explode at any given time & moment. So if you happen to be an Asian far Leftist...please just move on with your life & ignore what you see in this page, because I have no time to deal with the likes of your kind. This was originally meant to be placed in the story section, but due to the length & opinionated nature of this article I decided to move it to file 7 instead. This article is so long that i consider this paper as un finished.

In order to understand the predicament that Killer 7's Japan is in.
You must first educate yourself about the current geopolitics of the Asian hemisphere. Out in the
east, almost all social ills,& problems within their society (Mostly China & Korea.) no matter how unrelated the events may be, are usually erroneously attributed to Japan.
Why you may ask? Because it is a political maneuver meant to divert negative attention away from the "Eastern governments", and place all the blame on
Japan, the scapegoat of Asia. For the collective will of Asia still feels that Japan must pay for their
transgressions during WW II.

Although it may be the year 2006 (50+ yrs. after WW II) the Japanese are still villainized for such acts as the "Nanjing Massacre", "comfort women", History revision, attempted genocide, insufficient apologies, etc. In fact it's actually considered cool & hip to defame Japan in some communities with in Asia. The following .jpg is a post I saw of the type of behavior that I'm referring to.

Click url to see the quote where it was originally posted.

Notice how he seemed to be elated that such songs actually exist.
BTW here's a couple of links that express the anti Japan songs in detail.

Mutant Frog
That's enough about the subject for now, I'll get back to the anti-Japan songs later as I'm only trying to illustrate a point about how cool & chic it is to hate Japan. You could say it's similar to the left wing style America bashing that's currently popular in the United States, except only more radical, ridiculous, and crazy.

South Korean Members of Parliament demonstrating what they feel about Korea/Japan's 2005 Friendship Year.
(It really makes you ponder what is it about Japan that makes their blood boil.)

Well you're about to find out or at least I'll attempt to try & further explain the whole situation of the so called
"Eastern Threat".  The following are the main aggressors of the eastern pacific.

CHINA: The Chinese have always been the center of Asia ever since the beginning of time.
The Chinese dynasties of ages past were said to be the Eastern equivalent of the Roman Empire.
All Asian nations in the world have originated from either China or India.
The Chinese take great pride in this fact, and often gloat about it to their asian neighbors.
As followers of the religious Confucian doctrine they have been brought up to believe that they are the fathers of Asia.

However during the 19th to early 20th century their status as a global power began to diminish due to a combination of both foreign invasion, and a string of corrupt/weak imperial Chinese dynasties that were emperors at the time.
China longs for the days when they were the most dominate & only political/economical power in Asia.
Many individuals have speculated that China might rise back to power within this century or the next.
They are a communist nation that happens to regulate most if not all info that can be seen by the public.
(Many websites are blocked out in the Chinese internet.)
China only has one sanctioned history book that is used in the education system.
Much of it is fabricated propaganda to further the Chinese agenda.
China has a legitimate case to antagonize Japan since they were directly affected by the "Nanjing Massacre".

JAPAN: An Island nation of dubious origin, though it is believed that the earliest ancestors of the Japanese were once inhabitants of the Korean Peninsula.
Through out the history of asia the Japanese have always been considered feudal savages, pagan,& nothing more than a backward nation that would amount to nothing.
If the Chinese are considered the Father in Confucian belief, Korea would be the Son. Japan being the youngest would be forced to follow the whims of the elder nations that came before her.

However Japan chosed not to comply, and they even had the gall to ignore the authority of both Korea & China during the Sengoku Jidai period of war.
This brings us to Toyotomi Hideyoshi, successor of Oda Nobunaga.
After uniting most of Japan underneath his banner. Hideyoshi decided to go on a conquest to invade & consume Chinese territory.
However there was one nation that stood between them and it was Korea.
Hideyoshi sent envoys to convince Korea to stand aside for the Japanese war effort.
Korea being the son of China refused & denied Japan access to China.
This resulted in a war between the 3 countries.
The Japanese were pushed back to Japan with the aid of the Chinese reinforcements.
Decades later Japan became the only Asian nation in the world that was strong enough to confront Western imperialism.
Coincidentally this made Japan the most dominant force in Asia.
Which pretty much means that they completely disrespected the Confucius belief to always follow & stand below their elders.

A century later due to a lack of natural resources, and an embargo imposed on them by the United States, Japan again pursued conquest of Asia.
It is during this period of time where Japan gains the majority of their infamous noteriety.
After their defeat in WW II, Japan reforms as a pacifist nation, and has become an economical power thanks to the efforts of the USA.
Currently they are being ostracized by neighboring Asian countries for deeds they have committed during WW II, and even the Sengoku Jidai.
(Which occurred a couple centuries earlier.) Asians also accuse Japanese of being wannabe American, because Japan  seems to care more about their relationship to the United States rather than the other Asian countries.
Many Asians fear that Japan is planning to remilitarize, and unleash hell amongst the Asian populace once again.
They are accused for revising history within their history books.
Although it is true that some Japanese history books teach revisionist history that serves as propaganda for the interest of remilitarizing Japan.
It should be noted that as a democratic nation the Japanese have access to more than one "history' as Japan carries many history books that allows students to decide for themselves which history is the "true" history.

Korea is perhaps one of China's most loyal tributary states. Unlike Japan, Korea actually respected their father, son relationship with China.
However it is this relationship with China that probably causes Korea to be so erratic with all foreign nations.
Unlike Japan, Korea hasn't really achieved anything of much merit, and pretty much spent their whole history in the world being invaded by foreign countries (Russia, Japan), and paying tribute to countries mightier than them. (China, Japan)
In my opinion the collective will of Korea feels cheated, because Japan a nation that was often regarded by both the Chinese & Koreans as barbaric pig footed monkeys are actually much more respected & recognized in the world than Korea is.
As such Korea has currently had one goal in mind, and that is to be a more powerful, recognized & respected country than Japan will ever be.
The Japanese & Koreans often share similarities with each other, because one of the royal blood lines of Japan happens to be of Korean descent.
It's due to this fact that Korea believes that all things Japanese are actually Korean. (Anime,manga,J-pop,Karate,Samurai,etc.)

Korea's eternal grudge first began when Hideyoshi invaded Korea in order to gain access to China.
In the beginning of the 1900's Korea was annexed by the Japanese, but today's Koreans believe that the japanese usurped control of Korea. Well actually I should stop here. Much of Korea's current history has been fabricated so it's hard to tell the difference between the fabrications & the reality.
The only absolute truth that I can come up with is that Korea is a living paradox that proclaims to be democratic yet happens to be anti-Japan & anti-American.  (Mostly for illogical reasons.)
The United States is usually their next target, whenever they're not busy defacing Japan.
They're conditioned to believe that all zapanese are short legged imperialist midget monkeys, and Americans are immorally corrupt barbaric baboons. What's quite ironic about South Korea is that they spend the majority of their time worrying about an Imperial Japan that no longer exists when the dictatorship of North Korea should be the far more immediate problem to Korea's national security. (Actually it's because most Koreans are taught in school to revere Kim Dong
A reoccurring theme about Korea is that they seem to antagonize every country that tries to help them out,
For a country that is so opposed to "Zapan" one wonders why the educational system mirrors that of the Japanese WW II wartime propaganda that was being taught to Zapanese during WW II. Than again this is the same country that makes anti-America songs utilizing American styles of music. (Rock, Rap)
Note: In Korea, it's a popular insult to pronounce Japan with a Z, because Z is the last letter in the English  alphabet.  Don't ask me for the logic on that one, as nothing they do seems to make any logical sense.

EASTERN AGGRESSION The following are a list of disputes currently occurring in Asia.

CHINA is a country that is living in the past. Often reminiscing about their glory days back when China was an isolated super power. They seem hell bent to get revenge on the Japanese for both the "Nanjing Massacre", and for replacing China as the most influential country within the Eastern region. Simply put they just want to put Japan back in their place as a back water country that amounted to nothing.

The Nanjing Massacare"

Iris Chang author of the best selling "The Rape of Nanking"

This link believes that she is a fraud.

  1. What's this??   See ya later said:

    She probably realized that her books were propaganda not journalism and she couldn't get a job anymore because everyone knew. She wanted to make it interested not right. Maybe she was threatened with being exposed as the fraud she really was.

This link believes that it was a Japanese conspiracy to make Iris Chang's death look like an apparent suicide.
Carlos MarksPerson was signed in when posted  294
07-06-2006 06:31 AM ET (US)
I recently found out that Iris committed suicide. I spoke with Iris after she gave a talk here in Hawaii at the University of Hawaii. And I asked her if she feared for her life. And she said yes. After meeting Iris, I feel she had too much integrity and too much to live for to commit suicide. I could be wrong but this is how I feel. As we all know, Japanese are experts at committing suicide. And it is not that difficult to make a murder look like a suicide especially for the Japanese. If anyone would have a motive to have Iris killed, it would be the Japanese. I have lived in Japan several times and knowing their character, they would go to any extreme for revenge.

Personally I'm of the camp that believes that Iris Chang was a fraud. I've also lived in Japan for many years, and I have no idea what Carlos is referring to regarding their behavior. I find it extremely comical how Japan is always portrayed as an "Evil" entity especially when the days of Imperial Japan have long since diminished.

The wealth of information that us English speakers are usually exposed to came from a historical fiction novel called "The Rape of Nanking". Many observers of the book take what they see at face value as the absolute truth. One must take into account that Iris Chang had no first hand experience with Nanjing Massacre at all. Rather all that she knows are what her parents told her. While the events are grounded in truth, the magnitude of the ferocity & the statistics of the causalities were grossly exaggerated.

The following are assorted quotes from the San Francisco Chronicle that accurately describes the reactions of several political parties that the book has caused in the United States.

``The Rape of Nanking'' has won virtually unanimous praise in major U.S. papers, and is regarded almost as a bible by Chinese American activist groups lobbying for Japanese war accountability. Meanwhile, American scholars are sharply divided over its merits, and a group of conservative Japanese professors held a press conference in June attacking it as grossly exaggerated and containing fake photographs. The Japanese ambassador to the United States called it inaccurate and one- sided, provoking a sharp response from Chinese officials.

She calls her book the first in English to document the Nanjing tragedy (although one critic says that distinction belongs to ``What War Means,'' an account published in 1938 by H.J. Timperley, a British reporter for the Manchester Guardian).

One problem for Chang is that she didn't conduct research in Japan, making her vulnerable to criticisms of her portrayal of how modern Japan is facing up to the war. Another problem is the question of whether she is primarily an activist or a historian. At her appearances, there are often leaflet-distributing representatives of Chinese and Chinese American groups, including the Global Alliance for Preserving the History of World War II in Asia, which sponsored the Cupertino conference where Chang saw the photos that inspired her book.

Perhaps the most hard-hitting American criticism of the book, by Stanford University historian David Kennedy, said the book legitimately seeks to call attention to the horrors of Nanjing but fails in its attempt to explain them. In a review in the Atlantic Monthly, he laments the modern era's emphasis on `the politics of suffering'' at the expense of the ``effort to understand the psychology of evil,'' and criticizes Chang's reliance on ``accusation and outrage, rather than analysis and understanding.''

Japanese officials say Japan has frequently admitted being the aggressor in the war and causing widespread suffering, as evidenced in particular in former Prime Minister Tomiichi Murayama's statement expressing ``deep remorse'' and ``heartfelt apology'' on the 50th anniversary of the end of the war in 1995.

Chang, who calls on Japan to apologize specifically for Nanjing, does not mention the official government apologies. Rather, she quotes six or seven leading politicians saying that Japan was trying to liberate Asia from Western colonialism or denying that Nanjing was a massacre. Nearly all of their statements, however, were repudiated by the government, and critics say her omission of the mainstream view makes her book misleading and one-sided.

This website tries to discredit Iris Chang's novel.

This article explains how infuriated they are that the Japanese never gave them a proper apology


NOTE: When they (Chinese American activist) ask for an apology they don't really want a "sincere" apology. Most Asian left wing extremist just want Japan to bow down to them, and give up their dignity & integrity.


JAPAN is a country that is divided between two schools of thought. The pacifist apologists that believe they should bow down & disown all their belongings to the foreign Asian nations in an act of repentance for their ancestor's wrong doings. They pretty much hate all & everything Japanese regardless of the fact that they themselves are of Japanese ethnicity.

The other side of the coin believes that they have repented enough, and are getting sick & tired of the "APOLOGIZE, APOLOGIZE!!!!!" rants that are so common among radical left wing extremist of both China & (North & SOUTH) Korea.

In a sense Japan has both an Inferiority (The Apologists) & a  Superiority complex (Right wing extremist).
Of the three Japan appears to be the second country that arouses the most conflict. If Japan had only learned to obey the will of China, and stagnate as a backward nation.
The Japanese may never have become the villains that they are today.
Of course common sense tells  you that  Japan was merely evolving as a nation & country.
Almost all conflicts within the Asian hemisphere begin & end with Japan. 
Though whether or not the notoriety often associated with Japan is deserved or not is a whole different matter.

Japanese historical revision

Korea has revised their history to the point that they act like they were the victims of the "Nanjing Massacre".  Often forgetting that many Chinese were slaughtered by both Koreans serving the Imperial army & the Japanese.


Comfort Women

Japan is often accused

There were thousands of prostitutes during WW II.  Many Korean girls were sent to the Japanese army's camp. Becoming a prostitute wasn't these girl's will certainly, but it's is not true that the Japanese imperial army bluff into these girls or kidnapped them.

The true background was poverty. These girls, were simply sold by her parents.

Many asian people were in severe poverty at that time and many parents often sold their daughters to the prostitute brokers. Even though these girls were sold, still the Japanese imperial army pay good enough with high premium. So in reality, these prostitutes were scramble to the whore located in far away southern islands or in the middle of the battlefields to make big money.

Apologize, Apologize!


Yasukuni Shrine

Japan Under constructioN Offensive Japanese war time atrocity photos will be uploaded at a later date.

KOREA is the opposite of Japan,& China. Korea suffers from an IMMENSE inferiority complex. They are unhappy with their insignificant role in the world. Often playing second fiddle to both China & Japan. More often than not they are prone to unintentional ironies & paradoxes as the  Korean majority (Far leftist extremist) seem to be a rather immature erratic collection of individuals. Their obsession with defacing Japan comes off more as envious of what Japan has rather than actual hate.
Of the three Korea seems to be the country that happens to rouse the most conflict. Majority of which appear to be over petty trivial manners such as the "Sea of Japan".
They associate their selves with fantasies of grandeur as freedom fighters, fighting for the cause & freedom.
Korea brainwashes its pupils by using just one kind of national textbook
The following is a .jpg I made of a post by Magic Dragon from that reiterates my opinion about the Korean situation.

DR. HWANG The National Hero

See those tiny islands back there? Those rocks happen to be a current political hotbed within the peninsula of Korea.
You may be wondering why I chose such an infantile title, but I was merely trying to recreate the anger, hilarity and belligerence that comes into play whenever Dokdo is mentioned.
To those of us that reside outside of Korea & Japan, Dokdo/Takeshima is known as the Liancourt Rocks.
Dokdo/Takeshima are useless slabs of rock that has recently gained much attention by Korea, because they feel that it was stolen by the Japanese. Japan has offered to take the case to ICJ, but Korea refuses to take the case to court, because they don't trust any foreign entities, and they paranoidly believe that all 3rd parties would side with the japanese.
(In a way it's true, but mainly because Japan has a stronger case supported by evidence to the Dokdo rocks.)
From my observation Korea just doesn't want to take the case to court, because deep down inside they probably know that their claims to the islands are erroneous.
Personally If it were up to me, I would say If they want the rocks they can have it.
Sadly the world of politics isn't as easy as that. The problem that comes into play is that if Japan were to secede the rocks even though the Liancourt rocks is legally theirs.
Japan could be liable to hand over more of their possessions when ever Korea decides to bring up another "fictionalized" dilemma
Want to know how badly Korea wants "Dokdo back".
(Actually it should be rephrased to "want Dokdo" since Korea never occupied the island in the first place.)
Here's a couple of examples that I found on the net.

Children's disturbing Drawings

This piece of art was drawn by a middle school student from Gyeyang middle school at Gwanghwamun station

I'd KILL for Dokdo!!!!

An anti-Japan protester, Yang Bong-ho, stabs himself in the stomach with a knife to commit suicide demanding Japan abandon a plan to conduct a maritime survey near disputed islets,
at a park in Seoul, Wednesday, April 19, 2006. Yang’s condition was unknown after being taken to hospital

South Korean woman chops finger off in hopes that Japan will back off on their request to the Korean government to resolve the Liancourt rocks issue with the International Court of Justice

The Flag Biter

This demonstration of burning the Japanese flag was actually performed in front of the Japanese consulate Feb.20,2006.
In the United States you would not be able to get away unpunished with such extreme actions as burning the national flag.
(Especially if you're a foreigner.) Yet in Japan a foreigner is actually performing an illegal burning of their national flag, and the Japanese didn't even bother to hold him in custody.
This is yet another example of how Asia takes advantage of Japan's pacifist policy towards Asian threats.

To those of us raised in western environments. The flag biter's style of political activism may seem quite barbaric, but it's actually viewed as passionate to the eyes of the South Koreans that follow similar political view points. To Korean born  nationals following your emotions is more respected than following basic logic & rule of thought.

No Japanese flag is safe from the Flag biter. Thankfully this time his unique brand of "activism" is being conducted within is homeland Korea.


Dokdo Panties

Czech Republic's John Lennon Freedom Wall defaced with Dokdo Graffiti.
A conniving plan let's educate India that Dokdo belongs to Korea, regardless of the fact that most Indians could care less about Japan or Korea.

A South Korean Warship named after Dokdo. Perhaps this is a declaration of war, but knowing Korea this is just another case of a man who's bark is louder than his bite. What I'm trying to say is that they will continue to be annoying, and push the envelope while skirting the bullet of actual naval confrontation.

Nuke Japan, Dokdo is our land.

Bee Man

Whoo whee, and we all thought that the Japanese were crazy over their obsession with Final Fantasy, Hello Kitty & underage school girls. The immense bizarreness of South Korean behavior over their obsession with the Liancourt rocks should be considered one the nine wonders of the world.

I don't exactly know how this conflict started, but I assume that a certain portion of South Koreans are furious that the sea was named after Japan.
(A noticeable trend about the public outrages that stem from Korea is that they can't stand it that Japan happens to be more well known than Korea is.)
Since I'm running out of space & I'm getting bored out of my mind constructing this article I'll direct you to a couple pages that detail the "struggle" a in more detail.

VANK fights against "historical distortions"
Read the corresponding link to learn more about the situation.
The following link brings you to a man that has been constantly spammed with the "Vank Historical distortion" movement
They ried to convince him to rename Sea of Japan to the "East sea"

World Atlas

Korean Teacher's Union

A 17-minute video lampoons President Roh Moo-hyun, U.S President George W. Bush and Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi, while 35 pages of text deal mainly with negative aspects of the regional economic gathering.
A South Korean anti-American propaganda tape sanctioned by the Korean Teachers Union (KTU). In North America & Japan an entity such as the Korea Teacher's Union would be nothing more than a local fringe group. However the KTU is
the the most powerful interest group and the largest union in South Korea.
KTU are pro North Korea, whether it is because they are naive or have been infiltrated by North Korean spies is up for debate.

G,G,G,G-UNIT~ Asian Knock off~ G,G,G-MASTA!!!

The "brilliant mc" G-MASTA  that rose to popularity with anti-japan cut "Tokyo is our land" Hard as hell ain't he? The main hook express's the ever so witty come back
"If Dokdo belongs to Japan ,than Tokyo is our land."

Dj Doc they produced the cleverly titled song "Fuck Japan". Once again another asian rap persona trying to look hard & tough, but fails at both.
Mutant Frog

Here's a couple jabroni's I've been wanting to complain about for a long time. I heard this song a while back when I was into k-pop. (I was living in Japan at the time. Most Japanese didn't pay attention to the song primly, because Japan didn't care or notice anything Korean until the popularity of bubblegum pop star  BoA came about & swept Japan by storm, or should I say tsunami..)
Of course I finally stopped supporting k-music once I realized how racist they were, plus every single k-pop song sounds the same anyway.
It's thanks to blogs like that I can just reference their links instead of rewriting my experiences from memory.

F@@KING USA while we're at it.

What surprises I most about these racial hate songs is that they actually make it to the top of the pop charts in South Korea.
Korean folk singer Park Seong-Hwan the man responsible for such songs as "Fucking USA" & the cleverly titled "Fucking MacArthur"

Macarthur Lyrics

1.What are you thinking while gazing at someone else’s country’s Incheon sea?
With your binoculars in hand where do keep looking like that?
While you keep repeating, “Old soldiers don’t die they just disappear” do you learn it by heart?
Contradicting recommendations from home, are you asking why you are standing here? Macarthur.

2.Do you recall that day in September 45 years ago when you seized control of this country?
Do you recall announcing your declaration and opening fire on the citizens?
Do you recall putting the pro-Japanese at the front and breaking this country into pieces?
Do you recall massacring the citizens of Chejudo who desired unity and independence? Macarthur.

3. The man who ordered the good citizens of Nogeun-ri shot and killed. Macarthur.
The man that burned and killed the good citizens of Shincheon with oil. Macarthur.
Macarthur who intended to kill this entire people by exploding nuclear bombs.
What kind of benefactor is this? Take down the statue of the murderer Macarthur!

Macarthur, Macarthur, Macarthur, take down the statue!
Now, now don’t serve that false idol
Macarthur, Macarthur, Macarthur, take down the statue!
Now, now don’t erect a statue to carnage, take it down!

“Seize Seoul. There are girls and ladies there. For three days, Seoul will be yours — UN Commander Douglas MacArthur, September 1950.”

Is it just me or is this paranoia at it's finest. I still can't understand the logic behind some Korean nationals to antagonize any & all individuals that have helped them out in the past. Some individual over there actually consider MacArthur a class A war criminal. Though if it weren't for him many South Koreans wouldn't even have the freedoms that they enjoy today.

I may appear more than a little biased considering how much content I've posted about South Korea, but that's primly because Korea just so happens to have more cases of Illogical behavior than both China & Japan combined. Hence they give me more material to work with.
Most Korean Nationals that were taught by the Korean education system seem to only know one tactic when it comes to debating,
and that's to whine, complain, over exaggerate ,and over dramatize an event in order to gain attention, and hopefully 3rd parties will see your pain, pity you, and resolve your conflicts with their tax payers money.
In a sense to act like an erratic grown up with the intellectual capacity of a baby that won't shut up until they attain what they want..
Keep in mind I haven't even gotten started on North Korea yet.
Thankfully for your sake I've decided to cut the article short since it's long enough as is.
Perhaps I'll continue "Eastern Threat" at a later date.


My opinions on the three countries in a straight forward un-pc blunt manner are

China: Worthless snobbish aristocracy that has been recently regaining it's past wealth & status. Many speculate that they might become the next super power. (I doubt it though. China doesn't have a big enough middle class.)

Japan: Worthless thugs that turned out to be far more resourceful than they were originally thought to be.  To the point that they even surpassed China's leading role in Asia for most of the 19th & 20th century. (Japan is in a state of stagnation & their situation is only getting worse. The rising sun is about to reach it's dusk.)

Korea: A worthless parasite that's amounted to nothing for the majority of it's whole history. While their economy is catching up to Japan, their political methods are even worse than Japan's. Resorting to mostly fabricated historical distortions to try to convince the world of Korean superiority. (Even though they get their asses kicked in more wars than the French ever did.  So I can't really see how they could fool anybody. )

 So who's right & who's wrong

It's the fault of all three countries combined. Japan is the country that should be blamed the most, not because of their war time atrocities, but because of their pacifist nature that has led the asian hemisphere into becoming the quagmire that it is today. Japan's silence gave China & Korea enough room to convince the world around them that Japan is practicing a revisionist history. Which isn't too far from the truth, as a couple of history books do tell a slightly altered story that occurred differently from reality.
However what Korea & China neglect to mention is that they too are also teaching a revisionist history to their people as well, and it is  a far more critical problem in Korea & China, because the only historical text that most citizens have access to in those nations happen to be the one that teaches the fabrications.
(Korea & China are trying to take advantage of the fact that most outsiders don't speak Korean or Chinese. So they can act like they are paragons of virtue in front of the world.)

In a sense the term "Sneaky yellow bastards" describes the whole "Eastern Threat" ordeal in a nutshell.


Written by Topdrunkee Thy ILLnifique

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