Why three Harmans?

Please dont expect any fundamentally new, groundbreaking theories, which change everything you have thought about the games plot. Its merely a try to continue some ideas that you guys already brought up.

So as far as I understand, the whole concept of this site is to make a "rational" analysis of K7s story whereas most other interpretations are full of gods, reincarnations, magical rituals etc.
On the other hand, this site is trying to get rid of all these things.
You make a really good job.... until it gets to Harman and his abilities, since this is the point where you guys mostly agree with the mainstream K7-followership: Harman ( and Kun Lan ) is a divine being, who possesses 3 or more bodies and gives Emir the power to physically morph into the other Smiths. Ok, that has not to be wrong.

But imo it could well be that there is exactly one Harman Smith, the younger one.
And whats with Master Harman leading the K7? Its the same thing which makes Curtis speaking to Dan and not to some Black dude - Whenever Garcian/Emir sees y. H. sitting in the Trailer, he sees a fragile old man being molested by some college slut, because the brainwash, human contact ( Mills, Samantha) and the media command him to do so.

Here is much talk about how propaganda and manipulation is a theme in the game. If you ask me, it could be the key to all/most paranormal happenings we see. IN K7, the whole of mankind is under one large mass-hypnosys. Jean sees a famous wrestler instead of an african assassin because the omnipresent media, he is confronted with, command his eyes and brain to see what he has to. The same goes for Curtis.

That is what this whole TV in Harmans room could be about. It is the TV of TVs, whenever you change the persona with it, you brainwash the whole of mankind to see the chosen character, instead of Garcian.
The cameras change your character, because the changes you make in the pause-screen are not cannon to the plot, they are a gameplay element.

Thats why internet is banned: Internet theoretically allowes people to search for their own information and content.
But since there is only TV, Radio and print media in K7, it is easier for the powerfull to centralize information, since the only choice the user has with those, is to watch it or not. The worldwide "peace" is only a conspiracy of the mighty to gain more power and personal benefit of their people. They now simply work together in building a monopol on information.
The "peace" is no good will of the governments. War has merely become obsolete.

( I havent got my copy of the game anymore so read the following with caution.)
When I remember correctly, in Cloudman, there were no camera-scenes, before you got into some cartoon cinematic. These scenes were in first person and the only time one of Ulmeydas people refered to the persona you were playing was "we dont have many black folks around here".
That might be because their cult has created a reality isolated from the rest of the world. They are not hypnotized by the world wide media. They see garcian as who he is.
And so the White House wants to get rid of them.

And considering God Harman: He is just a picture in Emirs sick, brainwashed mind. The chess scenes are simply dreams with Emirs two different roots ( East + West ) fighting each other. Every time Harman beats Kun Lan, the arrival of Garcians awakining has been slowed down.


I dont know if the above is, what Suda intended to express or if im seeing more, than there is. I dont know his earlier works, so i cant say how much "magic" he would use for his plots.
Maybe all of this has already been written down here and i didnt read it, or I missunderstood your concept of 3 Harmans, but I think this would be a good, first post, since it is practically the only thing you folks let me curious with the K7-story.



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