Linda Vermillion model is from a 1970's Japanese erotic film series known as Female Convict Scorpion.

Linda Vermillion's allegiance. (Kitano Smith version)

I think I've reached an "eureka" moment, which is why I've made another post.

Okay, why did Linda kill Mills and then asked Garcian to seek out the answers for himself?

In my opinion, even if Linda knew what Mills was about to tell Garcian, she didn't want garcian to know it from Mills. She wanted Garcian to see the truth by himself, with his own eyes. She's speaking to you now. The player.

If not, Garcian would still be fed information from Mills, like a dog, so to speak. Even if it that information is the truth.

In other words, Linda Vermillion wants Garcian to be released from the Government, and the player from the game's linearity.

Mills info about Garcian and Harman 30 years ago, could be another pack of lies, or not. It doesn't matter. This is not how things are supposed to happen if Garcian is to be free (and of course, stop being the Killer7).

And by "free" I don't really mean free. Because in the end you can only fuck one of the countries, not both. Linda is confident you'll make the choice that is advantageous to her country.

Your choice will be this: destroy the other country.

In this context, Linda Vermillion's allegiance is to either country. She doesn't specify which country because she doesn't have to. Emir already knows.

Which leads me to what I really want to say:

You see, you decide one of the game's outcomes, and you by doing so, also decide Linda vermillion's allegiance. Your hand is no longer guided by the game.
Starting from this moment, you, the player, are already an active part of the plot itself. Linda Vermillion is putting everything, even her allegiance, in the player's hands. The outcome of the game's events is already decided starting from now.

This is what i believe, really. Linda Vermillion does have an allegiance but this depends on your final decision. What did Linda Vermillion made you think? To me, Linda is already laying the path for the player.
She doesn't give any information to you (the player and Emir) per se. She's making you fill the blanks, even in her own speech.

In which country do you want Linda to be sided with?
The answer is only yours.
Did you want her to be sided with Japan? Then let Matsuken live.
Did you want her to be sided with the US? Kill Matsuken.

The game doesn't have two endings. It has one.

You can do the reverse thought process, of course:

Let Matsuken live? Then Linda's allegiance is Japan.
Kill him? Then Linda's allegiance is the US.

My logic behind this is that she's so confident in herself and her love for her country, that she's also sure she's making the right decision to tell you to seek the truth. She's confident that whatever decision you make at the end, her country will be "protected" and the threatening country will be destroyed. In other words, she's confident on the decision you'll make. You will make the right decision.
I don't think someone like Linda would be so reckless to risk her country to be destroyed by what she's doing.
Her actions are perfectly calculated.

So, she doesn't have a country in that point in the game. You decide what she meant by "protector of the country" in "Lion".

I'm sure I repeated myself a lot, but it's just that I think this is crucial and needs to be given a thought.

To make things more neutral for you to make your decision, she doesn't even look Japanese or American. She talks with a French accent (she's struggling with her inability to NOT roll her "r"s - if you ever heard Monica Belluci speak English you know what I'm talking about), and her face doesn't look Japanese or American. Her clothing doesn't give anything away either.
She's ambiguous. In everything she does, says and wears.

If she were a number, she would be 0.
Until you add it something. In that case, she would be "1".

Or better yet, she's perfectly clear if you stick "Japan" on her. She's perfectly clear if you stick "United States of America" on her.

Young Harman Smith's function in the game is to expose the player to the facts (The Past). And Linda's purpose is to not inform the player while informing the in-game character Garcian/Emir. She is informing him. You just choose the context of the information (which will lead to The Future).
Something you haven't been exposed to until now.
Garcian/Emir knows perfectly well what she's talking about, but you the player, will decide and find out what "that" is later.

Until now, you've been fed info, info, and more info. Do this, do that, go here, etc.

It's time to wake up. It was all designed long ago, so that it would lead to this outcome. Emir's waking up was designed too. The Killer7 was designed to fail after it accomplished its purpose. Mills was designed to die after his purpose was accomplished. When Mills started spilling the beans, that was the signal that triggered the end of his usefulness. Mills was starting to talk personally, but that talk is none of his business.
Of course he was a slave. He didn't know the whole picture, just followed orders.
Linda has a higher degree of understanding of the whole picture. Probably the highest.

The problem with the game or the player, is that when Linda Vermillion says "I'm a protector of the country" your mind will probably freeze and isolate that from what comes next, because you're trying to link it with what came before. This is because the game hasn't offered you any decision to make yet. So, you think the game is still following a linear path. The game's path is already supposed to be under deliberation, in your mind.

I don't think you can write down what Linda Vermillion said until you decide the end of the game. That decision is important and is the final piece of the puzzle (the big picture).

Now, what that design was and who designed it, I don't know.

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