Linda Vermillion model is from a 1970's Japanese erotic film series known as Female Convict Scorpion.

Linda Vermillion's allegiance.

This article is based off of K7 SIN's Character Relationship chart.
Which was compiled using info from the game, and Jaco Checkbox from Hand in Killer 7.

Note: My justification for dedicating a file to Linda Vermilion is...
Linda was only in the game for one cut scene.
Unlike Julia Kisugi, Vermillion does not appear to be an expendable pawn of information warfare.
Rather she seems to be a key figure
or is employed by a key figure of the current backstage political conflict between U.S.A. & Japan.
Standing out & having as much charisma as Linda does,
you just have to assume that she has a bigger role in Killer7 than what can be told at face value.

We know she's employed by the U.S., because she sniped Mills as he was about to tell Garcian the truth about the Killer 7.
Allowing Garcian to learn about his true identity would jeopardize the U.S.A.'s position in the information war with Japan.
The Killer 7 as a whole are nothing more than a killing machine for the U.S.
A marionette that can be controlled at will, all you need to do is pull the right strings.
In the case of the Killer 7,it was Garcian Smith's Bushido like loyalty to a man
that he believed to be his mentor, Harman Smith.
As Emir Parkreiner he becomes a liability, because he now has a mind of his own, and is free from the subtle control of the government, and the guilt of his past sins, the Union Hotel murders.
The incident that traumatized Garcian into thinking that he was part of an elite assassin syndicate known as the Killer 7.

However Ms. Vermilion contradicts the assassination of Mills by
telling Garcian to seek out the truth, and find the answers.
To decipher how the system works.
(The true nature of the United States democracy.)
She appears to be quite disgusted with Mills.
In her eyes he was nothing more than a blind patriot, a slave who did whatever the government told him to do.
The only hints at her affiliation are
"I'm a protector of the country."

"Mills was a slave. Kissed up to the government.
The governments interest was his interest."

"It's making a move for the interest of the country an assassin's job too."
(Actually she says "is" instead of it's.
However I'm going with it's, since she sounds like she is making a statement rather than asking a question.
I don't believe an assassin of her caliber would ask such a menial question.)

She only says country, but never specifies which country.
Whenever she mentions the government, Linda says it with a bit of disdain.
Of course that could mean that she's loyal to her country, but not the government ,but IMO I still feel that when she utters "country" she's actually referring to Japan.
Why else would she say this last part if she were loyal to the U.S.A.

"See, you already know. It's your last job.
Use your eyes to decipher how the system works,
and then seek the real enemies."

Throughout the game the Japanese with the exception of Kasai,Hiro from Japan's Liberal party (Whom happen to be pushing for an American alliance anyway.) were always pitted as your adversaries due to political disagreements.
Here Ms. Vermilion is telling you to seek out the real enemies
implying that Matsuoka,Kenjiro AKA "Matsuken" is not the real target.

Speaking of Matsuken, just before Chris Mills was shot he relayed information
about how Matsuken held the control & loyalty of 10 million secret Japanese members scattered across the globe.
The term "Japanese members" doesn't exactly mean that they're actually Japanese.
It refers to individuals who were brought up under Japanese ideals
& doctrine either naturally or through subliminal messages.
One such facility that is like a factory for children of this upbringing would be the Coburn Elementary Institute.
Since Elementary schools are attended by mostly kids & young teens they have the easiest minds to influence, therefore it would be a cinch to implant thoughts into their brains of who to vote on.
(Schools have the most ballot booths.)
The irony of Coburn is that the building is one of the U.S.A.'s most important factors in deciding on who becomes the next president,
but at the same time it's also secretly used as a breeding ground by the Japanese government to train kids utilizing
Japanese wartime WW II education methods into becoming assassins, key political figures, etc.
for the Japanese government to infiltrate the U.S.A. under the guise as American democrats.
Garcian Smith was one of the individuals that was educated at Coburn Elementary, which could explain his Japanese mannerisms.

Another photo of the Lady Scorpion.

When I think of an image of someone in Killer 7 other than Emir Parkreiner
who could've possibly underwent the same education process, my most likely candidate would be Linda Vermilion.
The big difference between her & Emir is that she appears to be 100% loyal to her superiors.
For example Linda killing Mills, because she was hired by the U.S. government to kill him if Mills ever did something that would sabotage the whole operation like telling Garcian the truth.
Although she indirectly tells Garcian to seek the truth anyway which would be going against the U.S.A.s wishes,
but helps slow down the fate of Japan.
This pretty much makes Chris Mills death meaningless, but that was the point that the game was trying to get across.
That Mills was a mere pawn, that made a stupid move.
Whereas Emir shows no indication of who he's loyal to,
(My guess would be the money, who ever pays him the most.)
because he doesn't have any dialogue in the one level where you control Emir.
It's hard to tell which country Emir would side with.
Depends on which country makes him more angry, and who he felt wronged him the most.
If he truly were crazy he would choose to take both North America & Japan out,
which would most likely lead to a great depression.
Considering that they're the two largest economies in the world.
Or Germany could probably go on ahead, and take in the reins.
(Germany is the 3rd largest economy in the world.)

Note: In Hand in Killer 7,Japan's government is destroyed for good.
It's unknown what really happened to Matsuken since it just says that Emir met him at Battleship Island, but doesn't explicitly say that Emir kills him.

Why do I assume that Linda Vermilion must've been an attendant of Coburn elementary?
For starters something about her just doesn't feel right.
She comes off as a bit unorthodox & has a foreign look,
though I do believe that she is a naturalized American.
Linda gives me the impression that she's suppose to embody or represent what an undercover
Japanese member looks & feels like.
An individual that appears to be working for the U.S. government's interest, but in reality
is actually a Japanese double agent, or a mole.
They have enough legitimacy to pass as proud upstanding Americans yet at the same time there's an aura about
them that feels a bit distant as if they have a secret agenda.

I marked Linda as being part of the U.S. Opposition Party, not because I think she's part of the organization,
but because if she truly is one of the 10 million secret Japanese members
that would mean that she's also aligned with Matsuken which in turn
would imply that she is secretly allied with Kun Lan.

Even with all that said there's still a possibility that Linda Vermilion is just a true American patriot,
and just wants what's best for her country.
To be free from the corruption, to live in the true land of the free.
(That's a pretty moot point though, since all countries are corrupt one way or the other.
Plus Linda Vermilion would become an unemployed bum without the behind the scenes political chaos, because there would be no need of assassins any more.
Or at least very few high commissioned hits.
Then again being a very rather attractive female and all.
I'm pretty sure she could empower men for their money with her looks in exchange for her body.
(I highly doubt it though.

Written by Topdrunkee Thy ILLnifique Discussion thread for this file