Flow of culture, politics, death and life in K7

True Grave a member here at the Killer7 Syndicate forums said something that got me thinking.
He mentioned that Killer7 was more about mental decay and suffering then just someone taking a bullet in the head and dying quickly.

At first glance K7 may seem like its all about quick assassin jobs,
but as I think about all of the events in the game I realize this is not the case.

First off I'm gonna look not at the way characters died but rather the kind of reaction the common player is inspired to have by the death.

The boss of Angel no way invokes sympathy, mostly due to Harmans badass line before the fight
(goodnight child its past your bedtime)
,and by the way Kun starts talking dementedly(you think you killed me better think again)after she loses her wings.

Next we have Fukishima and Julia.
Even though Mr. Fukishima in no way deserved to be capped
somehow the his death in the context of the game creates no sympathy in my mind
and probably not in most players minds mostly due to the fact you were assigned to kill him from the start
and due to the awesome wheelchair dodge Harman does immediately after spouting a badass one liner.

Your not even given a chance to feel bad for Fukishima.
Not only that but somehow even after seeing his corpse upon re-entering the room somehow you still don’t feel that bad.
Julia simply doesn’t invoke sympathy because in no way does she deserve it considering her situation,
not only that but after having an intense fire-fight with her it’s a relief to watch her hit the floor.

In Cloudman we see Andrei beg for his own death
and then when he doesn’t receive it in time he become one of the heaven smile.
Personally when I was playing the game I found Ulmeda to be an ok guy
but yet do mostly to watching his ghost speak in a tone which seemed to convey no sadness or regret,
so yes he doesn’t convey sympathy to me ether.

I'm gonna skip the next four chapters as you probably know where I'm going with this portion of the article.

Part of the reason I and many others don’t feel sympathy for these characters is due to the way they always appear again in ghost form.
Most characters in this game never really leave so the focus I believe is not on the fear or sadness involved with death.
Also notice the way in the actual game play all the main Killers can be brought back from the dead I believe this too supports my next notion.

I think what this game is about is the degrading of life not the loss of it.
Dead is dead how the life was lived is what is important.

The whole world in Killer7 is corrupt
and is always being manipulated by a higher political power this is were K7 really hits home,
I'm not worried about assassins killing me in real life the thought never crosses my mind
but thoughts about how my government might make a bad decision that effects me
or how some greedy high class business men might be hurting me financially
or someone I care for do pop into my head,

I like many gamers I imagine are in the middle or lower class
and should be weary of such things.
Death seems to come and go in this game all the time in this game yet doesn’t raise any interest.
But towards the end of the game when we learn of the way Emir/Garcian was manipulated where effected by it.
Kind of odd considering he's still alive and well meanwhile we watched or heard about a great deal of people dying in the game
yet these situations don’t come close to garnering the effect the truth about Garcian had on us.

The political surounding we live in ultimatly effects the quality of life we have.
Death is something they can't control
and many of the dead characters feel releaved after being iced.

Death will come whether we like it or not it could come today or 60 years from now,
the real tragedy is not living life to its fullest.
Killer7 taught me to look a little deeper into things and to consider all possibilities.
The part that is really scary about K7 is that we watch Kun try to start a revolution,
many people die, and a man decide the fate of the East and West,
but what in truth changed about society.....nothing except how much we the player know.
So live life, keep yours eyes and ears open,
Killer7 to me shows the way society hasn't changed but the possibility that it could if we arm are selves with the only thing that freed Garcian from the facade the government

The End.

Written by Dale Musashi Discussion thread for this file