I used the Japanese navy flag, because it represents the imperial army of the past rather than the pacifist Japan of the present.

Cowboy V.S. Samurai

Does Killer 7 imitate real life?
Is it a foretelling of catasphoric events soon to come?
What is the relationship between the U.S.A. & Japan?
If you said bitter rivals, than I'm afraid you're dead wrong.
Ever since M.C. Perry forced Japan out of isolation, the two countries have constantly been at odds with one another.
A bit of a sibling rivalry if you will.
What's quite remarkable is how Japanese were treated prior to WW II.
To quote the Harvard Gazette

Quote"When Jewish and black students were excluded,
Japanese students were accepted into final clubs and other exclusive societies"Quote

Read this page from the Harvard Gazette to learn about the close ties Japan & the U.S. once had before the event of Pearl Harbor.
The Japanese were held in such high esteem that they were one of the few minorities that were given the privilege to attend such a prestigious institute.
Note: Even I'm shocked by what I saw in that webpage.

It appears that North America & Nippon shared a mutual relationship that is quite similar to the one they have today.
Except ever since WWII ended the U.S.A. has pretty much held Japan on a firm leash.
Which in Killer 7 this pretty much leads to the conflict that originated when Toru Fukushima abolished Japan's alliance with the U.S.A.
This brings me to the real purpose of the Cowboy V.S. Samurai page.
I always claim that the politics of K7 mirrors that of the current politics of today.
The following is my longwinded elucidation...

In real life if Japan were to denounce all ties,& alliances to the USA,
Japan would be left with a big "hole" in the country that I call "The threat of nuclear warfare".
Currently Japan does not have an anti nuclear system that would protect the country from a nuclear attack.
Japan keeps the USA around for the anti nuclear security umbrella that the USA provides them.

The nuclear attack would most likely arise somewhere from within the east.
(China, North Korea, Russia.) or as SUDA51 likes to call it
"The Eastern Threat"
Why you may ask, because the governments of Korea & China have a propaganda machine
that exaggerates the atrocities that they have suffered & endured from the Japanese back in WW II.
Russia has some claims to islands that are now under the possession of Japan.
(In Killer 7,at the beginning of Target 2 Sunset.
Japan is attacked by unknown forces. The trajectory of the missiles were fired from some unspecified region located toward the east of Japan.
It's up to the president of the United States to decide whether or not Japan is worthy of their mercy.
Luckily Matsuken was able to pull some strings in the last second as the "Fireworks" were launched at the end of Target 2 sunset part 2.)

I can say it straight up, if Japan had no ties to the USA, they would automatically be bombed to oblivion,
by neighboring countries that still hold great animosity towards Japan.
The resulting skirmish would ultimately lead Japan to it's demise.

Some other real life equivalents from K7 would have to be Coburn elementary.
If you take in the fact that the next president of the USA is decided by how the votes are counted at Coburn,
than it's practically obvious that the basic concept of Coburn was inspired by the Electoral college.
(This is the voting system that counted one extra vote in George Bush Jr.'s favour during the first election.)
Another real life equivalent from K7 would be the international reaction at a U.N. meeting regarding Japans imminent demise....
Nobody cared.
In real life most countries around the world see Japan as a dieing country that's long outlived it's usefulness.
The economy is stagnant,& the birth rate is declining.
Unless Japan decides to take in an influx of immigrants, you can only expect the economy to decline even more.
Truth is all of these supposed problems that Japan has is blown way out of proportion, and it isn't as bad as people make it out to be.

A prominent aspect that needs to be known about the situation between Japan & USA in K7
is that in real life all governments around the world are fighting battles both diplomatically & politically (Small scale battle operations.)
In order to get the upper hand against their rivals.
Mainly through influencing the minds of the human populace, military leaders, government officials etc.
Methods used can vary from News reports, School education system, Military training, Internet, Famous Pop stars (Subliminal messages contained within the lyrics.) the list goes on.
This is usually what we call "Information warfare" .

In other words a psychological battle, that is being fought in order to avoid an all out "Total war", and to weaken the opposition till they become a minor threat.
"The Cold War" is a prime example of information warfare at it's fiercest.
Everybody was aware of the threat from the U.S.S.R.
"The 'Nam" is also another good example of information warfare as the sole reason the US lost this war can be attributed to the the left wing Hippies who constantly preached anti war.
Most accounts of Information warfare are never known or reported to the public due to the secretive nature of the countless wet work operations.
While Information warfare mainly involves the government other figures such as hitmen, mafia, underworld organizations, etc. are also involved as well.
The Killer 7 (Garcian) is a hitman trained & hired by the USA government.
(Actually Garcian is trained by the Japanese, but y'all get my point.)
Julia Kisugi is an assassin hired by the Japanese left wing party to kill Toru Fukushima.
Jean Depaul another assassin hired by a third party not affiliated with either Japan or the USA for the sole purpose of creating a war between the two countries.
Some events of information warfare that have made it to the public are probably the cause of the anxiety that leads to conspiracy theories.

In all honesty Japan & USA are basically just neighbors that have their differences, and don't really have much to fear from each other.
(Even SUDA51 describes Kun Lan & Harman Smith as just neighbors.)
Considering that in Asia the only reliable allies the U.S. has is Australia & Japan.
As for Japan, they don't really have any allies in Asia at all except for the possibility of Taiwan. (I'm not really sure.)
Japan may want to break away from the USA someday, but the current climate of geopolitics, economy & foreign affairs just wouldn't allow them the leisure to, unless they want to commit political suicide.
Plus most Japanese politicians lack the backbone & balls of both Toru Fukushima & Matsuken.

If anything the real enemy of Japan & the USA, happens to be "South Korea".
If you thought Japan & Usa's democracy was just a farce, wait until you see how corrupt South Korea is.
Not only do they preach lies & convenient half truths about Japan, Korea also spreads hearsay about the USA.
Even Bill Clinton's wife is disturbed by the government of the Korean peninsula.

When you think about it SUDA51 should've made Killer 7 about Korea instead.
We all already know of the corrupt Japan & Usa government, but they both pale in comparison to the brainwashing that occurs in Korea.
Course that would've made Killer7 even more controversial than it already is.
It would also give Korea another reason to hate Japan.
(Most Korean born nationals seem to believe that anybody who criticizes them is a racist. Which is comical logic to say the least.)
The South Korean government has gotten so anti-American that even the U.S.A. is thinking about The Death of an Alliance, Part 29: 'Kick Them Out!'
I don't mean to offend any Koreans out there,I'm just speaking the cold hard truth.

Of course China is the other threat to both Japan & USA soil.
Since China is not a democratic government they don't merit as much discussion as Korea, Japan & USA.
(It's expected for China to govern their country differently from a democracy.)

Written by Topdrunkee Thy ILLnifique Discussion thread for this file