7 killers, 7 sins

In christian beliefs the sins are:
-a proud look
-a lying tounge
-hands to kill innocent people
-a mind that thinks up evil plans
-feet to hurry off and do evil (most likely Con)
-a witness that tells one lie after another.
-someone who stirs up trouble among friends.

The latin beliefs and connections (correct me if I'm wrong) are:
Sloth: Kevin (sloth doesn't just mean laziness it also means,lack of emotion or motivation)
Lust:most likely Keade
Gluttony:Garcian(because on almost every scene he's eating something.)
Pride:Mask (though he may be kind at times he seems a bit over confident)
Envy:Con (He seems a little off this emotion but I think at times he's always trying to do better at killing because he may be jealous of the others due to his disability.)

Written by Con Smith's Angel Discussion thread for this file