Harman and KunLan, 2 opposing ideals of a single force

The world of killer 7 is a twisted place, and even more so the characters in it. Now, when you see harman and kunlan in the same place, its hinted at that they are on a higher plane of reality than ours, such as at the union hotel and in angel.
i think harman and kun are the same person, or should i say born from the same force projecting its conflicting conciusness into our reality, not people per say.

i beleive that this force is the world itself.The worlds reality is within and of itself, and it wishes to interact with its "children", but it does not favor any of them. it loves the children of the west and the east, so its in a personal conflict. Much like another suda 51 game, (i forget its name), one character existed in our reality simply through sheer will and concentration on its "other reality" part. (its been awhile since i read into that game, if some one remebers its name, please tell me! )

in its distress and pain, and wanting to be with them, it projects its love of both "children" into our reality. notice that Kunlan and Harman talk to each other as if they are friends, or , as suda 51 puts, "neighbors". maybe this "neighbor" analogy means that they "live" next to eachother. By that i mean they are side by side in the world mind, yet they are destined to clash again and again because the world cannot favor east or west.

thus harman and kun are destined to reincarnate over and over, always fighting over whos the favorite. this is all merely conjecture based on a few little facts, as well as a few big plot points in killer 7. feel free to post comments, etc. remember, nothing here is wrong or right, just thoughts...really good thoughts from you all!(lol)

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